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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Stephen Colbert once implied that the length of a Wikpedia entry shows how important the issue is. Given I'm about to go through The Time Tunnel, I'm using my extra hour to evaluate the two "Disturbia"s[1] — Rihanna's song and Hitchcock's Shia LeBeouf's film — with this heuristic.

As you can see from the scroll bars in the above screencap, LeBeouf takes the L. I am genuinely surprised by this, since I figured pretty-boy Shia inspired more fannish behavior than Riri. Plus the song is ≈4% as long as the film. What the poets say is true: don't underestimate the internet.

[1] Disturbia's disambiguation page also lists a 1997 novel by that title, but since it has no entry of its own it must not exist [cf. Scott's Razor].