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Sunday, March 22, 2009

DJ Fro-yo Baggins Presents: An Introduction to Yeezy & Weezy

I got sick of one of my housemates hating on Lil Wayne and Kanye so I made him a mixtape to convince him the error of his ways. He was incredulous but we listened to this today while riding back from the zoo and I think it converted him:

Were he into hip-hop I might have respected his opinion, but he thought they were only capable of "Lollipop"/"Gold Digger"-caliber efforts; "Gifted" and "Georgia Bush" pretty much blew him away. By the time we got to "Prom Queen" he was suitably inured to give it a chance. ^_^

Plus, I just wanted to try out some Muxtape replacements. Mixwidget sounds the most promising but I wasn't in a programming mood so I went with 8tracks. The only downside to 8tracks is that they don't allow you to post the same artist more than twice, so I had to play around with the names...