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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Last Pith

One of my pathologies is quote-listing; I maintain quote pages dedicated to such disparately esoteric topics as physics threats, kidult roman à clef, and An Affair to Remember. When I tried to lull myself to sleep earlier by watching The Last Kiss, I actually found myself drawn in, not because it was good,[1] but because the characters spoke in memorable speech rather than "natural" dialog.[2]

I'm hardly the first person to notice this. Every other exchange erupted with overly-earnest emotion the likes of which you find only on adolescents' MySpace profiles. Still, one sentence can speak to even the most guarded of us.

Now, bleary-eyed and facing a dawn nearly two years after this movie came out, it is clear which sentence serves that function for me:
Ducks don't count.

[1] People who were either expecting another Garden State from Zach Braff or Crash from Paul Haggis might be disappointed, but I wanted neither.
[2] A distinction I shamelessly stole from The Absorbascon.