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Monday, June 9, 2008

Step Up 4m The Onion Movie

It has been noted elsewhere that The Onion Movie features a few surprising appearances, as it was filmed back before some people were famous (or the famous people heard it was going to be horrible). However, I'm the first to note it features Robert Hoffman.

For fans of 21st-century dance-movies, Hoffman (left) is instantly recognizable as the male protagonist of Step Up 2 the Streets and as one of the antagonistic dancers in You Got Served. I wonder if I'm the first person to even REALIZE this, Hoffman included; the overlap between 'Wild-N-Out' watchers and Onion-fans must be miniscule.

This ties into a question I have pondered for a while but lacked the resources to answer: Do established individuals care/know when they're in The Onion?
Presumably the people to ask would be actual individuals who work for The Onion, but I like to imagine they're not allowed to talk about it, that their stories lack bylines not only to keep up the charade but to keep them in place. At the very least, it prevents them from becoming famous enough to write more movies.

[1] Whom I count as my bredren and sistren!
[2] Citibank was owned by Citicorp, now known as Citi, which is short for Citigroup. Yay corporate mergers!